Declassification and valorization of char materials from biofuels production

This research project is focused on char, a carbon compound which is similar to activated carbon found in water filters such as Brita. This char is produced as a by-product of a municipal waste treatment processes. The char currently produced has high levels of naphthalene, the volatile organic compound used as the principal ingredient in mothballs. Naphthalene is slow to break down, and thus we want to limit its leaching into soils and waterways. One method to do this, is to combine it with cement to prevent water from contacting the material. This process may be improved by adding other materials, such as contaminated soil, to dispose with the char. In this manner we would be dealing with two waste streams rather than one.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Alessi


Jonathan Verrett


KBL Environmental Ltd


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Environmental industry


University of Alberta



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