Define the best omega-3 fatty acid to fight prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the more common cancer affected men in developed countries. Epidemiological data suggest that omega-3 fatty acids may prevent prostate cancer initiation and progression. However, these data do not decipher which omega-3 fatty acid presents the more potent anticancer properties. SCF Pharma has developed pure and highly bioavailable omega-3 fatty acids monoglycerides. Interestingly, data from SCF Pharma showed that these pure monoglycerides form of fatty acids can reduce the growth and the proliferation rate of prostate cancer cells in culture. It also appears that these anti cancer properties may be different according to the fatty acid. In term of public health, these data are of interest, but the effect of these fatty acids on non-cancerous prostate cells remains to be determined. Dr V. Fradet's lab has developed a model of non-cancerous prostate cells derived from prostatectomy specimen. Based on this model, we aim to determine the omega-3 fatty acid with the highest anti cancer properties on prostate cancer cells without side effect on normal prostate cells.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Vincent Fradet


Xavier Moreel


SCF Pharma






Université Laval



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