Defining the effects of pineal compounds in longevity and cystogenesis using a Drosophila melanogaster model

Promoting healthy ageing and prolonging life span has become a global priority to improve quality of life and reduce caring costs for age-related diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Pineal gland extract was shown to increase longevity in many organisms and protect against age-related degeneration. We will systematically analyze the life-extension properties of components of the pineal gland using the short-lived fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Despite their different appearance, humans and flies share deep similarities and, remarkably, similar molecular mechanisms of ageing, enabling efficient, rapid, whole animal experimentation which would be ethically and/or economically prohibitive in humans or vertebrate models. Using normal flies and our first-in-kind model of polycystic kidney disease characterized by decreased survival and hallmarks of ageing, we will probe for possible novel avenues for healthy life extension and PKD therapy, which will be further developed by the industrial partner.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chiara Gamberi


Cassandra Millet-Boureima


9357-3707 Quebec Inc.




Medical devices




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