Definition of attributes of a TB vaccine critical to antigen uptake, processing and presentation

The way a vaccine performs after injection is not completely understood and not all vaccines behave in the same way. To make a vaccine we must understand what is important or critical to make it work. For example a vaccine may have specific features such as its size or shape that are critical to the way the body reacts to it. When we know what these critical factors are then we make sure these are monitored and controlled as early possible in vaccine development. In this way we build quality into the product right from the start. The following project sets out to determine what characteristics of a vaccine are critical to the way it is taken up and processed by the body. The intern will have unique exposure to Sanofi Pasteur, a global vaccine manufacturer, while the partner will have access to the latest innovative imaging technologies at the University of Toronto.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mauricio Terebiznik


Shannon Cheuk Ying Ho


Sanofi Pasteur




Information and communications technologies




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