Delivering Moderate-Income Rental through Mixed-Tenure Housing in Metro Vancouver: Market and Policy Challenges and Opportunities


There is currently a large and growing unmet demand for affordable moderate-income rental housing in Metro Vancouver. To address this issue, recent studies and programs have focused on increasing the supply of purpose-built rental apartments, and condo and secondary suite sublets, but another potential mechanism which has been little explored is mixed-tenure housing (projects which include both condo and purpose-built rental units). This internship will provide a local real estate developer, Concert Properties, with: information on the feasibility of using mixed-tenure housing to deliver moderate-income rental housing to the market; and recommendations for which policy and financial models can best support this type of development in Metro Vancouver. This internship will include: literature review; study of publicly available information; statistical market data analysis; interviews; and creation and analysis of development pro-formas. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. C. Tsuriel Somerville


Bronwyn Jarvis


Concert Properties




Finance, insurance and business


University of British Columbia



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