Demonstration and Performance Evaluation of an Optimized Lab-scale Biogas-fuelled Heat and Electric Power Generation System Based on the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

The build of an efficient, low cost, and environmentally friendly heat and power generation system for the use in single family detached dwellings, wastewater treatment plants, or landfills, is the objective of this project. This system is based on the solid oxide fuel cell and is designed to operate with biogas. We have successfully proved the advantages of this system over the traditional and other fuel cell-based systems developed in the United States and Europe, through computer simulation. During this project, we will demonstrate these advantages practically through the build of the system in lab-scale. If the advantage of this system is proved practically, we will scale it up for a real operation in a residential building or in a waste water treatment plant/landfill in the next step.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Alan Fung


Siamak Fahad



Engineering - mechanical


Fuel cells


Ryerson University



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