Demonstrations of the Hybrid Control concept for reducing vibration and noise on helicopters and wind turbines

Smart Rotor Systems Inc. (SRS) is a new Ottawa-based start-up company, whose product is a novel active control system for the reduction of vibration or noise on rotary wing applications, i.e. on helicopters and wind turbines. Mitigation of vibration and noise is a hot topic in both these sectors nowadays, attracting plenty of attention from both manufacturers and operators. SRS has the competitive edge in owning the Intellectual Property (IP) of the first ever electrically driven Active Pitch Link (APL) as well as for the concept of the control system driving it. The first prototype of an electrically driven Active Pitch Link has been recently tested in static and centrifugal tests. Thus, the objective of this MITACS Accelerate cluster application is to build upon these results and to take the technology to another level by conducting further centrifugal and wind tunnel tests to verify the control laws from previous computer simulations, as well as to conduct new computer simulations to prove the technology for wind turbines. If successful, the results of this cluster project would bring the technology of SRS closer to market entry, thus providing a technological edge over competitors and increasing the potential for SRS to establish a small-size manufacturing and assembly plant in Ontario in the medium term.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Metin Yaras


John Alexander Pickard/Melissa Richardson/Heather Whipp


Smart Rotor System




Alternative energy


Carleton University



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