Densification of Heat-Sensitive Protein/Fibre Biomass II

The proposed project with will explore the feasibility of pelletizing heat-sensitive protein and fibre-rich biomass. This animal feed additive is used to improve the digestibility of the diet and improve the performance of poultry and swine. Since densification process involves heat, it is important to investigate whether lowering temperature of the process (pelleting) and reducing the biomass moisture content will form durable pellets by tests using a pilot-scale pelleting unit. After pelleting, the materials will be crumbled to produce coarse particles that are easier to mix with other feed ingredients in a feed ration. Physico-chemical quality of pellets and crumbles will be determined. The optimized variables are identified which will form the recommendation for manufacturing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Lope G. Tabil


Elizabeth George


GNC Bioferm Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Saskatchewan



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