Deploying electric vehicles in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area: Health and climate benefits and strategy development

In Canada, the transportation sector is the second largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter and a large contributor to air pollution emissions, which can cause significant health impacts. Since electric vehicle (EV) does not generate any exhaust emissions, introducing EVs can bring health and climate co-benefits to society. From a life cycle perspective, this study will evaluate the environmental, health and economic impacts of introducing EVs in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Based on the impact evaluation, the intern will assist Pollution Probe in creating a generic municipal zero emission vehicle EV deployment framework, as well as an Electric Mobility Strategy tailored to the City of Toronto. The development of this framework and strategy is important, since electric mobility benefits can only be achieved through widespread EV adoption, and comparable studies have not been undertaken in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Posen


Yijun Gai


Pollution Probe


Engineering - civil


Environmental industry




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