Deposition rate and solidification behavior of novel silicon bronze and aluminum consumables

Brazing and braze welding is like welding in that it joins metals using heat and filler metal but differs from welding in that the temperatures used are not hot enough to melt the base metal. The type of filler metal used during brazing and braze welding is significant because it directly impacts the strength and durability of the joint. The goal of the research is to study Lincoln Electric’s silicon bronze and aluminum filler metals to determine their solidification behaviors and deposition rate during braze welding. With a better understanding how their filler metal deposits and solidifies during braze welding, Lincoln Electric can decide on the best applications for their product and how to market it to industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Patricio F. Mendez


Mackenzi Johnston


Lincoln Electric Company of Canada


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Alberta



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