Design and Control of a Reconfigurable Packaging System

DCZS Intelligent Systems Inc. focuses on providing solutions for industrial automation as well as on facilitating the need of research facilitates and universities. DCZS is currently developing a Box Packaging Automation System (BPAS), targeting the growing needs in packaging/assembling processes in industry. Currently, BPAS is designed based on certain box packaging style and limited size range, and is not versatile for packing boxes with different creasing pattern. To meet seasonal demand from different end customers, a rapid change of the folding tools is required. Therefore, the design and control of a reconfigurable packaging system is proposed. This project concerns the development a reconfigurable packaging line as well as its adaptive control scheme to overcome the aforementioned challenging. As such, it is expected to result in both a technological advancement for enhancing DCZS’s R&D capability as well as an increase of their competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chris Zhang


Yu Cao



Engineering - mechanical




University of Saskatchewan



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