Design and Development of Actuation and Control Systems for the Synchronized Segmentally Interchanging Pulley Transmission System (SSIPTS)

This research project is responsible for the design, development, and experimentation of the actuation and control systems for the synchronized segmentally interchanging pulley transmission system, SSIPTS. SSIPTS is a novel variable mechanical transmission that offers the combined benefits of existing transmission systems for both automotive and wind industries. To ensure high reliability at the high speed and load conditions required for both automotive and wind turbine applications, SSIPTS will need high speed actuator and control systems. Moreover, development of the high speed transmission control unit (TCU) is another key component of SSIPTS. The main contribution of this internship is to develop highly efficient and reliable actuation and control systems for SSIPTS. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jean W. Zu


Vahid Mashatan




Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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