Design and Development of an Emergency Response Station

The remote First Nations communities of Canada suffer from a dire lack of access to emergency response systems and services during times of crises. They lack access to life-saving services such as paramedics, 911 services, and search and rescue services due to their geographic isolation. This often puts them in grave danger and results in loss of lives. To enable these remote communities to communicate with emergency response personnel in real time, the design and development of an Emergency Response Station (ERS) prototype to be deployed in the Moose Cree First Nation community and in the Algonquin Provincial Park is proposed. An ERS is a communication facility which would enable an individual to send a distress signal to emergency response personnel with the push of a button. The ERS could be integrated with Drone Delivery Canada’s Drone Delivery services, thus expanding their market and the types of services they could offer.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kamran Behdinan


Jaber Abedin


Drone Delivery Canada


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy




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