Design and Fabrication of a Mechanical Tarp System


This project is to be undertaken to design and fabricate a new headboard for mechanical tarp systems for a flatbed trailer. At present, there are a number of problems including on-time supply of headboard, shipping, waste scrap, and health and safety of drivers. With this project a new design will be proposed and then fabricated using the Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) systems. And safety analysis will be performed using the finite element analysis technique. Materials selection will be done according to required properties by taking consideration of the cost. A manufacturing process will be proposed for the fabrication of headboard on the principle of reducing waste and providing a valued product to the end customers. Life cycle cost analysis will provide an indication of costs associated and profit margins over the coming years. This will help the organization to reduce their dependency on other manufactures and to provide fast services to their end customers. This will allow the company to expand their existing market and also provide them with an edge over their competitors in the market.


Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Robert Fleisig


Resham Khaira


Verduyn Tarps


Engineering - mechanical




McMaster University



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