Design and impact assessment of hydrogen from waste as a transportation bridge fuel in heavy duty diesel vehicles

Transportation is a major contributor to climate change and air pollution. Switching away from diesel fuel to clean alternatives can help address the global environmental challenge of climate change, and also reduce the health impacts of air pollution, such as heart attacks and asthma attacks, where people live. However, it is difficult to demonstrate and quantify the benefits of these new technologies without better data and models. This project will partner with an Ontario company seeking to generate hydrogen from waste as a clean bridge fuel to mix with diesel in heavy-duty vehicles. It will contribute to the design of the pilot power-to-gas system, vehicle retrofit design, emission testing and economic impact modelling. This will enable the partner to test its potential role in providing clean fuels and produce evidence regarding its potential benefits. This research will generate new data and methods to inform a transition to clean fuels for use in transportation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rebecca Saari


Ushnik Mukherjee


Emerald Energy From Waste Inc


Engineering - civil



University of Waterloo



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