Design and Implementation of a Framework for Performance Management in Service Oriented Virtual Organizations


In this research, we propose a framework for performance management in virtual organizations (VOs) equipped with service oriented architecture (SOA). This framework enables networks of organizations to evaluate and manage their collaboration performance and also to align and coordinate their various goals and objectives. Distributed management of VO will be enhanced to reduce the necessity of a central authority. In addition providing transparency at an agreed level within VO will facilitate mutual trust among partners. The proposed solution will benefit from SOA infrastructure to form VO collaborative workflows, and to enable more dynamic VO creation and management. As IBM is one of the major providers of SOA based solutions for B2B interactions, Business Intelligence and Performance Management, the proposed framework in this research will help IBM to extend their B2B solutions to better facilitate automated agile virtual organizations. Employing the proposed framework, IBM can extend, customize and improve their products to better support the management and evolution of Virtual Organization in a dynamic global world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Bijan Raahemi & Gregory Richards


Seyed Mohammad Amin Kamali


IBM Canada




Information and communications technologies


University of Ottawa



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