Design and implementation of a plasma power source

This project calls for the design and implementation of a power source of 20 kW and 600 V. The power source will serve several functions in the labs at Atlantic Hydrogen Inc. (AHI), chief among which is to create thermal CC plasma with current control capability. The source will consist of a static converter that converts alternating current into direct current (AC-DC), a tri-phased transformer to reduce tension throughout the network and ensure galvanic isolation, several transducers (current, tension), control circuits, and a dedicated digital processor. The processor will be used to implement various control and protection modalities. This project will allow AHI to test the validity of different theories and achieve new practical applications, including separating hydrogen from natural gas using plasma. The project will certainly benefit from the supervisor’s and intern’s specific sets of expertise.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jamel Ghouili


Hizem Atef


Atlantic Hydrogen Inc.






Université de Moncton



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