Design and Implementation of Real-Time Platform for Beehive Monitoring and A Mite Extraction System

As one of the oldest forms of agriculture, apiculture (i.e. beekeeping) plays an essential role in contributing to people’s livelihoods and the survival of the environment. However, beekeepers are faced with challenges such as Colony Collapse Disorders (CCD), swarming (queen bee leaving with the majority of the worker bees), and queen loss. Unfortunately a constant monitoring of the hives by the beekeepers is demanding and it disturbs the activity of the hive. The objective of this project is to design a remote real time platform that enables the study of the colony’s behavior. The study will be performed with the cooperation of HoneyView Farm Ltd. on the bee colonies. The results will help the development of an intelligent system that will be able to recognize the colony and queen bee’s condition by observing different factors such as sound, temperature, vibrations, and other factors. The system will then inform or warn the beekeepers about the condition of the hive and the queen bee. In addition, an automated system will be designed to extract the Varroa Mites that have been known to be one of the causes that lead to CCD.

Faculty Supervisor:

Farid Golnaraghi


Behzad Abdi


Honeyview Farm Ltd


Engineering - mechanical


Environmental industry


Simon Fraser University



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