Design and Innovation: Academic-In-Residence Project

This project builds upon two previous Mitacs Accelerate projects with Creative BC (CrBC). CrBC leads the economic development and promotion of BC’s creative industries. Recently CrBC and UBC PhD candidate, Angèle Beausoleil co-designed and delivered an innovative strategic plan involving 80 industry stakeholders. Angèle facilitated design sessions, observed the process, and proposed a new strategic framework for CrBC. From this framework, Angèle and CrBC seek to pilot an ‘academic in residence’ as her post-doctorate fellowship project. The two-year fellowship will support the implementation of key action plans focused on creating a culture of innovation required to grow BC’s creative industries. She will support the CEO’s vision to cultivate a new generation of creative and strategic thinkers. The PDF objectives include: leading applied research on new program and service development; teaching the strategic design method to staff and stakeholders; and, generating academic research publications on the innovation process within university-industry collaborations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Moura Quayle


Angele Beausoleil


Creative BC




Media and communications


University of British Columbia



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