Design and integration of a robotic loading system for an automated saw grinding machine

The fan assembly is a critical component of a Thrust Cushion Vehicle (TCV) designed by Slipstream Vehicles Ltd. It provides both the lift and thrust for the TCV. However, given the novelty of the patented fan, there is insufficient data to predict the fan performance. This project will focus on development of a new set of numerical fan models for estimation and analysis of the fan performance. Once these models shown to be valid through comparison to field data, they will be used to scale up the fan performance and for optimization studies. The expected outcome of this project will be a valuable industrial contribution with unique features that will help Slipstream Vehicles Ltd. to rapidly refine this new fan design and improve performance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Subhash Rakheja


Vinothkumar Govindaraj


Williams and White Inc.


Engineering - mechanical




Concordia University



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