Design and Optimization of the product platform for AIS mobile robots

AIS Inc. is at the forefront of developing practical mobile robots for various markets. Mobile robots are considered as very complex systems comprising of hundreds of interacting components in complex system architectures. Developing such complex robotic systems, particularly in large scale, requires a coherent collaboration and engagement on various specialized areas. All of the complex products which are under development in AIS, have many Common Elements (CE) both in their system anatomy (e.g. common parts, components, modules) and also in their various product development life cycle stages (e.g. requirements, design and implementation processes, testing procedures). Investing time and resources on the CEs can simplify development of products. In order to substantially reduce time and cost and increase efficiency for development of new and existing products, AIS has strategized to increase commonality, reusability, and standardization across various products and subsequently introduce product platforms which are a collection of the CEs and core technologies. The goal of the proposed research is to properly define a product platform for each of the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) product families in AIS.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mehran Mehrandezh;Colin Bradley;Konstantinos Apostolou;Fabio Petrillo


Hani Omar Balkhair;Arman Nikkhah;Marcela dos Santos;Marzieh Zamani Alavijeh;Morteza Badali;Obada Al Baba


Advanced Intelligent Systems Inc.


Engineering - mechanical






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