Design and Prototype Validation of a Bioabsorbable Flow Diverting Stent

An aneurysm is a balloon off a blood vessel in the brain, that could potentially bleed resulting in devastating consequences for the patient. Brain aneurysms a common, and are present in up to 7% of the general population. Traditional treatment of complex brain aneurysms involves placing a metal “flow-diverting” stent across the neck of the aneurysm, leading to redirection of blood flow away from the aneurysm dome. Bioabsorbable flow-diverting stents have only recently been developed by Fluid Biotech Inc. as a novel way to treat brain aneurysms. These stents are made from polymeric materials that are designed to dissolve after the stent is placed and the aneurysm heals. Little is known, however, about their absorption pattern and whether these stents would be prone to breaking apart as they dissolve, which could potentially lead to strokes and other complications. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Alim Mitha;Andrew P Braun


Mehdi Jamshidi


Fluid Biotech Inc




Life sciences


University of Calgary



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