Design and secure implementation of a new white-box transform based on permutation polynomials

Irdeto has a need to create software that is protected in the white-box attack context, which means that attackers have direct access to the software, can execute it, modify it, and stop it to read the data being processed by the software. If attackers are able to modify software in ways that are useful to them, they can cause a wide range of problems including stealing data, gaining unauthorized access to systems, and stealing cryptographic keys. It is then the main goal of the project to design and implement new tools in the area of software protection to deal with security problems resulting from the current increasing demand on tech devices. This project, which emphasizes implementation and putting mathematical / computer science concepts to practical use, builds upon a recent, more theoretical, collaboration between Irdeto and the intern.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qiang (Stephen) Wang


Aleksandr Tuxanidy Torres


Irdeto Canada




Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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