Design and simulation of robotic assembly cell for mass timber offsite construction facility – Phase 1

In this project, a key research project for the robotization of the timber building construction is proposed. By developing a full-scale robotic cell for mass timber walls and showcasing its benefits compared to current manual situations, in terms of safety, quality, productivity and so forth, we expect to support the introduction of robotic cells in offsite construction facilities. For this, we plan on researching two key areas: 1) how to transfer the necessary information from BIM models (most popular software platform for building design and development) to robotic programming environments; and 2) design the necessary robotic cells, tools, and support systems to create a fully operational assembly line in a simulated environment. With both outputs, this research will provide a clear understanding on the capacity of robotic systems for mass timber building construction.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rafiq Ahmad


Emanuel Martinez;Harshavardhan Mamledesai;Pablo Martinez;Vedasree Mudireddy




Engineering - mechanical



University of Alberta



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