Design, Development, and Control of the Battery Management Systems (BMS) for Off-road Vehicles Built by Dumur Industries

The objective is to design, develop, and test the power system in a next-generation rough-terrain utility vehicle developed by Dumur Industries, with particular focus on the battery used and its own power management system. The vehicle propulsion is via tank-type tracks that transmit power from the front to the back wheels via continuous chain-type tracks.
The vehicle runs on a Diesel Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) connected to a generator. The generator provides a high-voltage (HV) DC link to the battery bank and also to two Electro Motors (EM) driving the two front wheels, via multiple converters, independently. Independent control of these EMs can generate turning maneuvers along with straight-line motion.
In this context, the following sub-projects will be carried out:
• Design and development of the battery system and its connection to the ICE + generator and the Motors.
• Design, development, and testing of the internal BMS and external BTMS system.
• Development of a predictive maintenance algorithm for the BMS/BTMS.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mehran Mehrandezh


Mehdi Hedayatpour


Dumur Industries






University of Regina



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