Design, Manufacture and Testing of a Thermoplastic Composite Guardrail: Modeling Phase

Today’s modern industries aim at supplying premium quality products that can offer added performance value, lower weight, less environmental impact, decreased manufacturing and maintenance costs, increased durability and safety, and eventually higher customer satisfaction and market competitiveness. To achieve these milestones, new engineered materials such as fiber-reinforced polymers are rapidly replacing traditional single materials such as steel and aluminum. In particular, fabric-reinforced polymer composites have received a rapid attention in leading industries such as aerospace, marine, automotive and transportation. The aim of the present MITACS project is to arrive at a stat of the art simulation tool that can be employed for development of a new, fully composite guardrail that can replace the current steel/concrete guardrails in highways. The new guardrail by the supporting organization (AS Composite Inc) is expected to have a greater safety and durability with an estimated 75 years service life, less weight per surface area, superior corrosion resistance, and easier installation and maintenance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Abbas Milani


Masoud Haghi


AS Composite Inc.




Construction and infrastructure


University of British Columbia Okanagan



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