Design of a Multichannel DBS Targeting Electrode and System

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a complicated electrotherapeutic medical procedure which provides irreplaceable therapies and treatments for several nervous system disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease. Advancements in the electrodes designs will improve the delivered therapy and enhance the efficacy of the DBS system. The objective of this project is to begin preliminary designs for deep brain stimulation and targeting electrodes capable of providing enhanced functionalities and improved biocompatibility to address the limitations in conventional electrode technologies. The project will be carried out in collaboration with Medtrode Inc.; they have developed proprietary neuromodulation technologies and acquired patents which allow them to pioneer in the development of neuromodulation and DBS therapies. During this placement, the intern will gain valuable knowledge and experience in medical device design, while the industrial partner will benefit from the resulting prototype which sets the stage to significantly enhance DBS and improve the treatment of nervous system disorders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Robert Fleisig


Asim Siddiqi


Medtrode Inc.




Medical devices


McMaster University



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