Design of a Novel, Low-profile Picture Space Heater

Datec Coatings Corporation has developed a new technology that enables them to print heating elements on various surfaces. One of these is a mica sheet, which is physically very similar to regular cereal box cardboard. By printing an image on another sheet of mica and placing both of these in a frame, it is possible to create a wall-mounted picture that functions as a portable space heater. This design has the potential for numerous advantages over conventional space heaters in areas of safety, aesthetics and space-saving.

The main barrier preventing this from being a successful alternative to conventional space heaters is in the total heat output of the units. It is the goal of this project to design the most efficient and safe wall mounted unit with the highest possible heat output. In addition, the design must be able to be manufactured in Canada, be inexpensive, and aesthetically pleasing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Robert Fleisig


Brian Hall


Datec Coating Corporation






McMaster University



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