Design of a thermal link for a passively cooled mobile shipping container using solid carbon dioxide

Ultra-low frozen food temperatures between -30°C to -60°C are important when shipping high value seafood products to worldwide markets. Maintaining these temperatures using a traditional vapor compression refrigeration cycles becomes increasingly difficult as the span between desired cargo and external temperature increase. Solid CO2 has the capacity to sustain ultra-low frozen temperatures even during hot summer days using a passive, non-mechanical refrigeration system. CryoLogistics Refrigeration Technologies will pursue in conjunction with the Coldstar Solutions and the University of Victoria innovative technologies to optimize CO2 as an efficient, effective and reliable cryogenic transportation refrigeration system. New intellectual property will be development and a small scale prototype manufactured. Together these technologies will provide a range of frozen shipping solutions to the cold chain industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Andrew Rowe


Pedro Silveira


CryoLogistics Refrigeration Technologies Ltd.


Engineering - mechanical


Transportation and warehousing




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