Design of an Interface for the Intuitive Control of a Unmanned Air Vehicle fleet in Emergency Situations

The project consist of developing a novel interface to control a fleet of quadcopters in an emergency situation. The interactive system will have to interpret the user intent in such a way that minimum cognitive resources are required. Humanitas products target non experts in robotics whom need to maximize their concentration on medical support and logistic, thus they require an intuitive and not monopolizing control interface. It will also be required that feedback information can be sent to the user without using the visual feedback of their application control screen. The sensors selected to gather relevant data on the user intents will also serve to enhance the situation awareness of the crew and be shared over the network to inform about each user state. The solution will rely on minimal low-cost hardware on each users and high-level behavioral algorithm to ensure the quadcopter fleet is autonomous.

Faculty Supervisor:

Giovanni Beltrame


David St-Onge


Humanitas Solutions


Computer science


Medical devices




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