Design of automatic tire marking system with flexible marking head

This project aims to develop an automatic tool/system to install on a parking enforcement vehicle. The vehicle is to mark vehicles in a parking lot or on road via marking their tires in a municipal time enforced setting. The system will feature risk reducing operation eliminating concerns of hurting any nearby individuals or damaging any vehicles during its operation. The project is planned to be covered in three main stages. 1) a motor driven mechanical mechanism will be designed and tested to realize the marking with hand control. 2) a laser guidance system will be introduced to the system for accurate positioning and automatic triggering of the marking tool. 3) Imaging identification software will be introduced/ developed to discriminate marked and un-marked vehicles and mark them automatically. Finally, a fully automatic vehicle marking system will be developed which is safe and efficient on challenging vehicle parking lots.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nan Wu


Alireza Keshmiri


Westward Industries


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation




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