Design of Cost-Effective Customizable Earphones: 1) Sleeve Design and 2) Curing Resin Optimization

The objective of this grant is to develop a  curable resin in the shape of a customizable inset for an earphone, along with the sleeve and associated components. The material should be relatively inexpensive, cure rapidly (within a few seconds optimally) and ultimately provide consumers with a customized earphone that will fit the vast majority of the population. Using a simple model sleeve with common initiating systems, not only will material properties be tailored for the resin (depending on the choice of monomers), but the curing time will be optimized by the careful placement of the initiators at the surface of the sleeve. A material package with desirable resin mechanical properties (to be determined by the industrial partners) and rapid curing time.

Faculty Supervisor:

Milan Maric


Surjit Singh


Revol Technologies Ltd.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Information and communications technologies


McGill University



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