Design Tools for Next Generation of Microelectronics Cooling Solutions-Characterization, Modeling and Optimization.

There is an increasing trend towards miniaturization in the microelectronics industry which increases the power density and thus heat generated from these devices. Consequently, one key factor limiting reliability and higher performance of electronic devices is the heat removal, to maintain the device below its maximum operating temperature. This indicates the importance of devising efficient cooling strategies to meet the demands of the electronics sectors. The goal of this program is to develop and implement state-of-the-art cooling solutions for Analytic Systems’ products. In this project, theoretical models and simulations will be developed to accurately analyze and predict operating temperature and performance of the existing cooling solutions in Analytic Systems’ products. A comprehensive experimental program will be conducted to test and verify the developed models/simulations in close collaboration with Analytic Systems (AS). The developed models will then be used to optimize the current designs and develop efficient cooling strategies for AS products. During the first-phase of this program, the primary focus will be on development and implementation of direct air-cooled and passive techniques, including: Natural Convection and Enclosure Design,Impinging Jet-Array Cooling, and Heat Pipe-Embedded Enclosure. There are 6 intended internships to conduct the proposed tasks; 1 M.Sc. and 2 Ph.D. students will be working on these projects in close collaboration with AS.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Majid Bahrami


Kelsey Wong


Analytic Systems






Simon Fraser University



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