Designing a Great Slave Lake Fishery by Northerners for Resilient Futures in the NWT

The Great Slave Lake Fishery can enhance food security and food sovereignty for northern residents of the Northwest Territories as indicated in many Government of Northwest Territories strategic plans. The Arctic Research Foundation will work with a Post Doctoral Fellow based at the Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba, to engage northern residents and governments of Northwest Territories in the project. The project will begin with compiling secondary documents to understand the historic benefits and trends of the fishery and then partner with northern residents and governments to understand the contribution of the fishery to food security during the COVID-19 pandemic and the contribution the fishery can make to sustainable futures. The outcomes of the project will support the Arctic Research Foundation in building relationships with northern residents and governments to develop a learning community to support sustainable Arctic fisheries as part of their evolving 20 year research strategy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Iain Davidson-Hunt;C. Julián Idrobo


Sölmundur Palsson


Arctic Research Foundation


Resources and environmental management


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Manitoba



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