Designing and developing a real-time medical data transfer system for space health usage

In recent years there has been a rapid increase in companies providing rocket launch services for private space travel (SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic to name a few). Access to space by private citizens means that companies will need to collect health information from the private astronauts as well monitor their health while in space. This information will have to be transmitted from space to the ground in a secure manner so that individual health information remains private. Mission Control Space Services (Mission Control) is a company which specializes in the transmission of data from remote sources using satellites. The intern is in the Aerospace Physiology Laboratory which conducts research in astronaut health and will have a demonstration CubeSat orbiting the earth in 2021. They will use their combined information construct a communication system that will be used to transmit secure health data to and from orbit.

Faculty Supervisor:

Andrew P. Blaber


Donya Naz Divsalar


Mission Control





Simon Fraser University



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