Designing for Urban Agriculture in a smart community

This project will develop appropriate strategies for a “Smart Community” of the future with respect to the integration of food growing and processing spaces into the community. This may range from rooftop greenhouses, residential growing sunspaces, community gardens, food producing building components, etc. As well this proposal will investigate how food production will interact with other essential systems and infrastructure in such a community. This study will be based on a review of ideas that have been suggested in many projects around the world for urban growing, and a distillation of these ideas into a series of approaches or patterns that can be used in a Smart Community undertaken by S2E. This will include information about the community’s potential food production capacity, design implications, and details of the synergies that occur with low energy and water saving design.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mark Gorgolewski


Mark Adrian Turcato


S2E Technologies Inc.




Alternative energy


Ryerson University



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