Detection and characterization of biodegradable polymeric biomaterials

Biodegradable polymeric biomaterials have been used extensively for medical applications such as implants, drug/gene delivery, and scaffolds. To determine the end applications, the molecular characteristics of these polymeric biomaterials are important which must be characterized. The development of reliable and fast analytical tool to detect, separate and characterize polymeric biomaterials in medical devices and drug formulations is still challenging. The main goal of this research project is to develop new, reliable and cost-effective molecular analytical methods to characterize biodegradable polymeric biomaterials. These new methods will help Canadian companies like PolyAnalytik dealing with polymeric biomaterials to improve the quality of their products and services. There will be strong impacts of the new developed characterization methods in biomaterials and medical device industries, the field of molecular analysis and molecular research.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amarjeet Bassi


Ahmed Alassuity


PolyAnalytik Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Life sciences


Western University



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