Detection of emamectin benzoate (SLICE) in non-target spot prawn (pandalus platyceros) and determination of biological effects


Salmon farms use the crustacean neurotoxin emamectin benzoate (EMB, trade name SLICE) to treat for sea lice parasites on farmed salmon.  EMB can spread to the surrounding marine sediment and present an exposure risk to non-target species that inhabit areas proximal to salmon farms, such as spot prawn.  Spot prawns are a profitable commercial resource and are an ecologically important crustacean species in B.C.  This research project aims to quantify the impact of EMB on spot prawn populations through field surveys to determine if prawns uptake EMB near treating farms, laboratory experiments to determine the effect of the chemical on prawn survival and feeding ability, and a historical logbook survey to determine long-term prawn population abundance trends in areas near salmon farms. This research is of direct relevance to the partner organizations, the B.C. spot prawn commercial fishing industry and the Pacific Prawn Fishermen’s Association, whose members fish this valuable resource and support projects that facilitate the protection and conservation of the pacific prawn fishery.



Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. John Volpe


Ashley Park


Pacific Prawn Fisherman’s Association


Environmental sciences


Fisheries and wildlife


University of Victoria



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