Determination the effectiveness of drought resilient bioretention bed in stormwater management

The greatest river in Calgary, Bow River, is an important source of water for industrial, agricultural and living activities for city and people of Calgary. With the incredibly fast of urbanization in Calgary, the natural landscapes are gradually replaced by impervious areas, such as urban streetscapes, houses and buildings. While the amount of water that cannot penetrate through those impervious areas during rainfall, known as stormwater run-off, will discharge into the Bow River and consequently increase pressure to water treatment systems, there are other extended droughts period that need to take potable water for irrigation activities. Therefore, this project focuses on analyzing the amount of stormwater run-off retained and treated using a bioretention system, and evaluates the possibility of using retained stormwater for irrigation. This project contributes to protecting the water of Bow River, which is one of the mandates of my partner organization Bow River Basin Council.

Faculty Supervisor:

Angus Chu


Phuc Truong


Bow River Basin Council


Engineering - civil


Other services (except public administration)


University of Calgary



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