Determining how differences between avid and lapsed anglers can improve license sales and angler satisfaction

Regardless of the numerous fishing opportunities, and cultural and historical significance of fishing in British Columbia, the number of freshwater fishing licenses sold to residents has been declining. Many British Columbia anglers are lapsed, meaning that they do not purchase a license every year. A better understanding of these anglers, and the difference between them and avid anglers (who purchase licenses yearly) will help Freshwater Fisheries Society of British Columbia to make regular fishing more attractive and accessible to different types of anglers. This project will use an online survey to learn more about both angler groups, what motivates them to purchase a license and go fishing, what are their levels of fishing experience and commitment, and what barriers keep them from fishing. The survey will also include a special quantitative approach (choice experiment) to find out what are the anglers’ preferences for fishing sites (e.g. amenities, fish species, regulations).

Faculty Supervisor:

Sean Cox


Tjasa Demsar


Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC


Environmental sciences


Natural resources


Simon Fraser University



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