Determining recreation and protection values of old growth forests on Vancouver Island

Old growth forests provide many values to society including recreation and the enjoyment of knowing these magnificent forests exist for wildlife and future generations. Ancient Forest Alliance has set out to better communicate the diverse values of intact old growth forests, so they are not undervalued and over-logged. To provide data that AFA needs, this study will survey Vancouver Island residents to determine the value they have for old growth protection and recreation in old growth forests. The survey will ask respondents to choose between alternate scenarios which have different levels of how much timber is harvested, how many recreational facilities exist, how much old growth forest is protected and how much that scenario might cost taxpayers. Researchers will analyze the survey results to estimate the value Vancouver Island residents have for recreation in, and protection of old growth forests on Vancouver Island.

Faculty Supervisor:

Duncan Knowler


Colleen Dupont


Ancient Forest Alliance


Environmental sciences


Other services (except public administration)


Simon Fraser University



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