Determining the Socio-demographic and Environmental Risk Factors for Intentional Injury

This aim of this project is to determine the social characteristics of neighbourhoods and elements of the urban environment that may be associated with increased rates of intentional injury (injuries resulting from violence and self-harm). Conducting comprehensive area-based assessments of intentional injury is difficult in Vancouver because of restrictions on reporting sensitive health information. To get a sense of typical neighbourhood social and urban environment characteristics related to intentional injury, an examination of high injury locations in Cape Town, South Africa will be undertaken. It is expected that results will also be applicable in Vancouver, a city with a growing problem of violence related injury. The identified characteristics of these high-incident locations can then be assessed in Vancouver. Vancouver neighbourhoods with similar characteristics to those identified in Cape Town will be identified as potentially high-risk areas to target for intentional injury prevention efforts. This project is in partnership with GEOIDE.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Nadine Schurrman


Jonathan Cinnamon


Vancouver Coastal Health Authority


Geography / Geology / Earth science



Simon Fraser University



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