Determining the value of community based police teams

In an era where the costs of policing are constantly under scrutiny, the time has come for policing organizations to re-evaluate the services they provide. To do this, these organizations need to answer questions relating to the value these services create in the communities they serve and change the focus of the conversation from “what does this service cost?” to “what value does this service provide to key stakeholders?” In the summer of 2019, in response to pressure from the community, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) decided to reintroduce community-oriented police (COP) teams back into three Ottawa neighborhoods. This decision gives us a unique opportunity to conduct research to determine the value COP programs create (if any) and for whom. We propose to work in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa and a variety of community groups and social service providers to undertake a longitudinal, multi-method case study to identify the value COP teams provide to a variety of key stakeholders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Linda Duxbury;Craig Bennell


Tiffany Cross Walker;Sean Campeau;Andre Lanctot


Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa





Carleton University



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