Develop a reliability-based robust shoring design system using Excel

The project is to develop a robust shoring design system using Excel software. A shoring system is a group of structural elements used to support/retain earth pressure during the construction of underground structures. Its design is influenced by many variables, such as the intended use of systems, earth pressure selection, performance of different systems, ground conditions, soil strength, and loading effects. Many of these variables cannot be easily interpreted, for example, accurate characterization of the highly variable glacial deposits covering the GTA. The risks are also extremely high for safe construction of a shoring system due to adjacent properties in densely populated urban settings. Due to these uncertainties and risks, it can easily lead to an inconsistent and unsafe design. This research is to develop an Excel-based design software by integrating the reliability-design concept for achieving cost-effective infrastructure development in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jinyuan Liu


Seyed Naseri;Kun Yang


Groundbreaking Foundations Inc


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


Ryerson University



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