Develop an AI-backed geospatial data collection and analysis platform as a marketable software package

The ubiquity of smartphones and their embedded technologies today can provide transportation agencies with affordable travel survey methods which place less burden on respondents and enables collection of continuous, high quality travel data. Such technologies, however, have not yet made the leap from speciality tools of academia to industry, primarily due to the specificity of domain knowledge required to produce useful information and gaps in the literature due to the difficulty of implementation. Most importantly, there is not yet a user-friendly and reliable platform for collecting, analyzing and inferring travel information from smartphone-based surveys. This project seeks to develop an AI-backed geospatial collection and analysis platform (named the HexMap platform hereafter) to allow transportation authorities to independently design travel surveys with custom questions and prompts, distribute and publish these surveys through a mobile application, and monitor the data collection process. The HexMap platform will then use artificial intelligence methods, with a focus on deep learning algorithms, to infer mobility information from collected GPS trajectory data.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zachary Patterson;Louis Patrick Leroux


Ali Yazdizadeh


HexMap Inc


Environmental sciences


Professional, scientific and technical services


Concordia University


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