Developing 3D GIS Web Services and Applying It in Oil and Gas Pipeline Geographical Information System Year Two

Currently, developing 3D pipeline GIS (Geographical Information System) with 3D data interoperability is not only highly required by pipeline industry but also essential for building 3D SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure). This project proposes a novel approach to develop a new 3D GIS Web Services framework and components that is suitable for 3D Pipeline GIS and 3D SDI. The specific objectives of the project are to:
1) Develop a new 3D GIS Web Services framework that is suitable for 3D pipeline GIS considering its data feature.
2) Develop a 3D version of Pipeline Spatial Data Model.
3) Develop effective methods to manage large 3D datasets of pipeline, and to efficiently display 3D datasets under network environment. This proposal would contribute not only to the partner CHA company which provides pipeline services but also to current pipeline industry, especially to aspects of data interoperability and visual pipeline design and management.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jinfei Wang


Zhenpei Li


Gryphon International Engineering Services Inc.


Geography / Geology / Earth science




Western University



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