Developing a Compact, Medium Range 3D Imaging LiDAR System

The main technical objective for the intern is to contribute in developing a breadboard that utilizes the laser, receiver and scanner technologies and create a potentially very small lidar.
The intern other objectives might also include:
• Investigate the transmitter choices and down?select the best one
• Examine the available detector arrays
• Evaluate whether MEMS mirrors can be used for low?power, high?frame rate applications
Adoption of compact lidar technologies is critical for Optech to remain competitive in the expanding market for lidar solutions. Optech’s traditional single?detector lidar design remains the preferred approach for the traditional civilian survey and mapping market– however, Optech has identified several growth opportunities which will require the integration of miniaturized and robust lidar technology. The application of active imaging systems for terrestrial topographic survey/mapping, rover navigation, proximity operations and rendezvous/docking will greatly benefit from this new architecture’s ability to minimize the SWaP and simultaneously maximize range and resolution for mapping applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ahmed Shaker Abdelrahman


Hamdy Elsayed


Teledyne Optech


Engineering - civil




Ryerson University



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