Developing a Fourier Transform Imaging Spectrometer in the Visible Field and Determining Abundance Gradients in Barred Spiral Galaxies

This doctoral project consists in developing and validating a Fourier transform imaging spectrometer for astronomy applications from 350 to 950 nm. The prototype discussed is called SpIOMM (Mount Mégantic Observatory Imaging Spectrometer) and is developed at Laval University. The concept of such an instrument combines the advantages of a Fourier transform spectrometer (FTS), or interferometer, with an imagery system, in order to generate a spectrum for each point of an image without compromising the width of the spectral band, the spatial resolution or the coverage of the camera's field of view. We therefore aim to carry out three-dimensional spectrometry of vast astronomical objects such as planetary nebulae, galaxies and star clusters.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Laurent Drissen


Anne-Pier Bernier


ABB Bomem Inc.


Physics / Astronomy


Information and communications technologies


Université Laval



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