Developing a framework of best practices for multi-sector collaboration fostering integration in child and youth mental health systems.

This research will focus on developing a framework of effective practices for collaboration among child and youth mental health service providers in different sectors including health, social services, and education. This multi-component project will: 1) explore the types and intensity of connections between child and youth mental health organizations in these sectors; 2) examine how these connections match with consumer needs; 3) examine how policies for child and youth mental health promote and/or hinder collaboration among organizations; and 4) identify key features of effective collaboration between organizations across the different sectors. The results of this research will be used by Peel Children’s Centre in their role as the Lead Agency for child and youth mental health service planning in the Peel service area. The results will also contribute to knowledge about how organizations can improve collaborations to deliver mental health care.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maria Liegghio


Renee Sloos


Peel Children's Centre


Social work


Health care and social assistance


York University


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