Developing a High Throughput RNA Synthesis and Purification Microfluidic Platform

Modern molecular techniques increasingly rely on high quality synthetic RNA molecules. One of the most important examples of this is the CRISPR-Cas genome editing technology. However, synthesis of RNA molecules important for this process suffer from a number of limitations including being slow and expensive. In order to accelerate research and development in this important area of science we propose to develop a new platform for synthesizing high quality RNAs, cheaply and in large amounts. This is possible because we are combining our expertise in molecular biology with that of microfluidics providing exacting control of biochemical reactions. This type of RNA synthesis has never before been developed explicitly in a microfluidic device and there is much we can learn on how to optimize biochemical reactions in the unique and favorable conditions of microfluidics. From this we hope to develop a platform to enable researchers to best utilize cutting edge RNA based technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

David McMillen


Brendan Hussey


Spindle Biotech Inc







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